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Monday, April 9, 2012

Irritation turns inspiration

More times than not I have to start something or leave something in my way in order to irritate me to the point of frustration which then turns to inspiration which finally pushes me to action.  Huh?!!  Stick with me...I’ll explain. 

OK, so you’ve all seen my take on “Love”, right? (see pictures)  Well it’s been bothering me for some time...each time I see it I’m fussed...over what?  I couldn’t tell you but at one point I told Marc “I need to get this out of my house”. 
Rather than selling something I’m not pleased with, I made a decision to act.  I removed about half the jewels on the cross knowing the cheap feel of the “junk jewelry” was part of the problem.  If I’m going to stay true to my “farmhouse glam” style “Love” needs to make a change.  With the art just sitting on my wall torn to bits I was finally irritated enough to take it down & start the recreating process. 

A little about the final result:  I used several bits I found on my Dad’s land and in his travel trailer after his death in January (see My Daddy page for more info) to add personal depth & real life examples of love.  Rather than hording these treasures for a down the line project I wanted to infuse this piece with important (to me) parts of life and love.  I framed out John 3:16 better so it’s more of a focal point and added the bird to represent the Holy Spirit descending like a dove on Christ.  To the one who eventually buys this piece I’ll share more:)
Twistie Tie:

A conversation with a friend turned into a desire for a deeper revelation of the love of God.  You see, I’ve always had loads of people (men & women) I call dear friends and as I continue to meet new people (now just women since I’m married) I find myself drawn to the beauty, sense of humor, kindness, or any number of other attributes in a person...and I immediately want to add them to my friend list.  I thought “how can I be a true friend to anyone when I have a hard time juggling the MUSTs of life....God, husband, kids, church, clients, blog, show, art, furniture and so much more.”  So as you dig deeper into what a true friend really is you find the One and Only TRUE friend is Jesus....what an example! 

I’m still sifting through all this so I expect a whole new level of understanding ....stemming from that one eye opening conversation. 

We’ll see how I go...I’m also growing leaps & bounds as a woman, mother & wife as I learn to get a hold of my attitude & WALK IN LOVE at all times (even when it’s not so easy).  I encourage you to inspect your “love walk” and surgically remove any bitterness, resentment, anger or frustration seeping out of your mouth, tone of voice or body language...hello---ME!!!!!.  Check your attitude and leave the funky junk outside that soft, moldable heart of yours....and I’ll do the same:)

This work of art, to me, represents the love that God had for us, you and me....that He sent His son Jesus to die so that we might live. 

Many big hugs and mushy kisses to you..


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  1. love all the tiny moments that capture the eye
    all on one piece of art


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