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Monday, April 2, 2012

Paint a Sign....tell the world about LOVE

While driving to the carnival Saturday something profound happened....we passed this family painting the sign outside their neighborhood. Marc suggested I interview them....then I could hardly sit in my seat....I just had to find out why they were doing this. 
Clearly there was a story to tell & there we were...ready to get it.....thanks to my brilliant husband!

 While simply asking if I could interview them they told me they were doing this to show the love of Jesus! Immediately I was brought to tears.....

"the LOVE of Jesus" she said.

enter camera crew (my husband)

Wow!  $20 may not seem like a lot to you but for those folks driving home after a long day seeing this cheerfully painted sign, even possibly experiencing the love poured out by this family...by God, I venture to say the faces and hearts decorated with smiles and joy are worth immeasurably more than the monetary value of the paint or the time it took them to complete the work.  People making a difference!!!

Along the same lines:  Last night we had Life Group at our home and one of the ladies shared this.  She told God some time ago she wanted to honor Him even in the little things...to show His love.  So one day she and her daughter were at a gas station when a lady came in frantically needing jumper cables.  No one had any...even the gas station guys.  My friend’s daughter felt led to go to the back of the store and there on a low shelf she found a $7 set of cables for sale.  (even the workers didn’t know they had them)  However, after urgently counting all her change the lady came up short.  My friend, who saw it as an opportunity, stepped up and bought the cables.  Talk about sharing God’s love on a practical level!

Now, if you’re on this adventure with me then you’re already seeking God for who He is and what He’s called you to do in this life.....to fulfill His plan and purpose for you.

 So here’s the “Live Decorated” challenge.

Find some small way today to share the love of God with someone.  just a few ideas to get the wheels of your imagination turning:
  • Buy lunch for the person behind you in line at Chick-fil-A (or any fast food but this is my favorite!) and have the cashier give them a note that says “God loves you” 
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn (don’t forget to edge) 
  • Take a meal (with yummy dessert) to that person you know that just had a baby or came out of surgery 
  • Send a note of encouragement to a friend in need 
  • Post something on craigslist for sale and when they try to pay GIVE it to them for free and tell ‘em God loves them (that’s one of my favorites)
  • Offer to wash someone's car (or give 'em $10) without insulting them of course
  • Offer to babysit someone's little guys (for free) so Mama & Daddy can have a date night:)
  • Take someone's grocery cart back to the cart caddy in the parking lot....tell 'em how much God loves them.

 Don’t limit yourself (or expect anything in return)!  Being generous and using your imagination to do it (like Alicia & Paul in the video above) the effects of your kindness and generosity are limitless and ever spreading. 

Ask God what to do then DO IT!!! 

God loves YOU and wants YOU to decorate your life from the inside out....then ALL AROUND!!!! 

Many hugs n painted signs coming your way:) 



For those of you waiting for something I told you I’d be blogging about....hold your horses...I’m just a tad behind:)


  1. Praise God!!! For such a wonderful family!!

  2. Very inspiring!!!


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