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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gelato for 2

So here we are.  I've just received an invitation to be a "contributing writer" on my wife's blog.  That does sound a bit fancy..."contributing writer".  Very fun.  I just hope that my other reader (my mother) can find my musings here. 

And since we haven't exactly set up
any guidelines for my involvement...I'm going to take the approach of how things look when my wife and I share dessert at a restaurant. 

First of all...there will need to be several scoops to accomodate our multiple spoons.

And...then...frankly...my wife will manage to talk more AND eat more than "half" of the dessert. 

But that's okay.  Because...I have to write about what she wants me to write about...so that will be tricky.  I'm such a novice and it takes time for inspiration to hit me! 

The challenge:  Write about living a decorated life.  That does seem to be the theme here, doesn't it?  So keep an eye out...for this straight country boy's perspective on what it means to "Live Decorated".

The Best is Yet to Come...


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