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Friday, April 13, 2012

Staging the Exterior...take 1

Previous plan....get our house ready for sale in 2 weeks while still taking care of my family, keeping God first, fulfilling church obligations, juggling the 3 clients I’m working plus staging consultations and keeping you, my friends, up to date....whew! 
The beautiful new plan came tonight, as I was scrubbing the kitchen cabinets debating whether to freshen up the paint. Rather than pushing me past my physical and emotional limits by my self-imposed 2 week window God told me to use my faith to get this house ready & to possess my dream home (which I’ve already picked out...beautiful .....after loads of work & money, that is). 
So as I simply obey Him....His perfect plan will be played out in my life.  WOW!  So I’m doin’ it....following Him each step of the way.  Sound strange?   I’m OK with that....  Ever since the challenge I posed to both of us, you and me, I’ve been yielding to Him each day and now I’m seeing the fruit of it.  WOW, is all I can say!

So I hope you’re along for the ride....staging, selling, buying, and LIFE along the way.  Following God is the ultimate thrill ride.  If you haven’t experienced the rush for yourself jump on in.....the flowing river of Life! 

Oh HI.....Back to staging:
a few things I MUST do before selling:
·         Paint Exterior
·         Paint garage door, front door and window trim
·         Pressure wash exterior --might be fun to learn to use one of those things...how hard can it be?
·         Touch up paint interior walls, doors, cabinets & trim
·         Paint master bedroom & study
·         Stage Master bedroom & study
·         Stage back porch
·         Pot loads of plants in pots & ground
·         General landscapingno clue ‘bout this one...new to me
·         Replace one shower curtain
·         Replace one lamp shade
·         Clean furniture & pillows
·         Replace light fixture in baby’s room
Some things I WANT to do before selling:
·         Build out laundry room shelves --will look AMAZING...in fact I might move it to MUST list...whatcha think Marc?
·         Build side fence to allow next buyers a way to hide trash cans & misc. stuff -- another MUST?
·         Build out dining room entertainment cabinets with side shelves
·         Replace both bathroom lighting fixtures
·         Paint bathroom cabinets (Ha!  As if I have time for that!)
·         Replace laundry room light fixture (already have light)
·         Hire a lawn maintenance guru
·         Hire a maid:)  heheehee...no, seriously!
·         Buy fresh flowers then have an Open House Party:)

The Exteriors: Video 1 is the first of at least 3 for staging videos for the exterior...had to spread ‘em out due to length. not sure if the LOW quality is my fault or my camera's...oh well.

Ciao for now my dear friends


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