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Monday, April 23, 2012

They Will Change Nations--Growth Chart

 I finished a new, uh, work of art, I guess you could call it.It’s a growth chart to mark my boys’ height on the wall throughout their life (so I can move it around as my décor or mood change). I’ve been meaning to create one for quite some time but needed to be inspired.

I started with an old cabinet face, I guess.  After sanding I decided to use old maps I found in my Dad’s map stash that he had obviously used repeatedly.  The tape was so brittle it just fell off. 

with such a deep passion for traveling & seeing the world, old maps always inspire me
so here we go....now what?
I used heavy duty spray adhesive  to get the maps in perfect position
(big mess for your fingers)
lay them out before hand so you have a better idea of the finished
product before starting the mess
(see the picture above for detail) I added some old measuring items I found in my Dad's tools so I'm passing some funky, aged, usefulness down from Pops.

I painted these words: They Will Change Nations.

You may or may not understand the power of the spoken word...but I'm here to tell you.....Words have power, my friend!  My children will see this & hear the things we speak & pray over them & I know my boys WILL lead a FULL life of victory, joy, favor, peace and love.  I strongly believe that words shape our lives and the lives of our children. 

I had some powerfully negative words spoken over me as a child that rang in my ears for years....taunting me.  I refused to believe them, I forgave, I released those thoughts and cares to God & have entered into success, joy, peace & VICTORY because God loves me SO much.

And HE LOVES YOU!!!!!  You can affect nations....starting with your neighbors, friends, family, strangers in the grocery store.  You don't have to preach, just LOVE.  Ahhhh man, I'm preachin' right now:)  hehehe.  Anyway, you know what I mean....just love folks. 

and by the way...I love you!  And thanks for stopping in today to my randomly organized blogging ideas and thoughts:)


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