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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thrifting Finds: meet my Local Cakery & Boutique

My new blogger fashion friends inspired this post: I'm adding a new (random & infrequent) facet to my blog...my style.  Bear with me here....I’ve never done this before & honestly felt a bit goofy asking my husband to take a picture of my outfit.  Especially considering we were pulling up to his parent’s house (yes this is their land...amazing on its own:) 

So here it is ... my first ever outfit to share with you and the reason I've gotta share it. 
My skirt I took a floppy sweater (gift from my cousin) and cinched it up with a vintage brooch and added a vintage purse (can't have enough of those) with sparkly Enzo ballet flats
This is a better shot of my skirt....the bottom has this gorgeous see-through pattern which moves the light through quite nicely.  ready for the shocker?  It's a thrift store find....YEP...$6 to be exact!

I know all my friends take a few shots to get the whole look but let's be real...this is the only picture Marc didn't slice off my feet....gotta go with what I can get:) (NOT complaining)

Little style tip from moi: don’t be so prideful or afraid to shop thrift stores. Yes, you heard me, hit your local thrift store, Salvation Army or Savers (not a fan of Goodwill even a little) for some new garb. You see, I used to be a thrift queen (my girl Mariana taught me the ropes) & would end up with the best brands and great buys (before my new “mom body”and lowered--but rising--self esteem).
During the blogger conference is when I had my “ahhhhh, I’m back” moment.  We were all bused to Savers, served snacks and coffee, given tips from the experts (Pamela, Jessie, Jentine, and Elissa) then let loose....that is when I regained my thrifting confidence. Thanks ladies! 

ow that you know what I wore last week (yes, I'm a bit behind blogging)...lets get on with it.  You see, one of my favorite boutiques, housed in the small, quaint town of Buda, along the beautiful tree-lined Main St. is Buda's Red Door. They had a little party Wednesday featuring my new favorite Cakery, Wild Flour. which is due to open SOON. 

Delectably Red Velvet....cake balls coordinating with the "everything shapes us" art
Amanda and her sister are opening Wild Flour Cakery & Boutique next door to Buda's Red Door...soon

 Waxing Poetic is one of my all time favorite jewelry lines
this is just one of their displays....come to their store to see and buy more

 this is where Marc buys a lot of my long shirts...
what I love is they only buy a few of each style so I don't see
anyone else with my shirt:)
Good Works bracelets are all over the media (or so I hear)
they give 25% of their proceeds to charitable organizations
 Salon One12 is located in the back of the store....Rebecca is great!
love her vintage salon chairs!
Unique clothes, shoes, accessories,
cards, household items, decor and art

Finally, let me explain my "Twistie Tie" approach.  I love to "twist" everything back to God, my Maker, the One I owe my life to then "tie" it in to what I'm telling you about today.

If I get a bad haircut Marc is usually the one who hears about it...he actually told me last time...call one of your girlfriends:)  Well I was thinking about it (while steaming) and thought if God has every hair on my head counted (and who cares about that detail, right?) then doesn't He care that I'm happy with my hair?  The answer is YES! 

He cares about everything that concerns you. 

"Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
Dude...I've used this one for LOADS of cares....He's kept me in everything:) 

Hugs n love with yummy cake balls and pretty earrings...


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