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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love is Patient :: I think I'll start there

My hubby bought the Love Dare book several years ago and hid it in his desk for a special occasion.   I spotted it after he cleaned out his desk (months ago) & left the remnants in my garage.   Surprise....happy special clean out my desk day:) 

a picture we took while being silly in bed years ago....Ahhhh LOVE!
There it sat...on a table next to a comfy chair until a month or so ago after a pretty heated argument when I decided to pick it up.  I read the first day:  "Love is Patient".  I thought to myself boy does HE need
to read this!  The next day's reading (which I jumped ahead to) was "Love is Kind".  Boy did that one jump right off the page....hello Trish, it screamed!  Read & absorb....then read again. 

Reading just those 2 days was enough for me to put back down the book & go on about my life....refusing to rise to the challenge.  Maybe a little "if he won't do his part why should I do mine?" kinda attitude crept in without being that blatantly in your face....until tonight that is. 

You see, I'm a get it done kinda gal....like right now immediately get it done!  My husband is much more, uh, shall we say......."relaxed" about the to do list?   I found an opportunity for irritation this evening when I reviewed the list of to-dos a mile long to get this house ready for sale.  I can only do so much in a day with 2 little guys needing love.  (Today I only had 1 but spent the entire day catching up on boring, although necessary, housework.) 

Back to my story about LOVE....the subject keeps coming up in my heart so I know it wasn't an accident I picked up that book in the garage tonight and started over again at Day 1.  God is trying, really hard might I add, to get my attention here.  

Day 1 quotes:
  • We are born with a lifelong search for love.  Our hearts desperately need it like our lungs need oxygen.
  • No one likes to be around an impatient person
  • Patience stops problems in their tracks.
  • As sure as a lack of patience will turn your home into a war zone, the practice of patience will foster peace & quiet.
  • Patience helps you give your spouse the permission to be human.  It understands that everyone fails.
  • Patience is where love meets wisdom. (love that one)
I MUST love....at ALL times....at ALL cost.....and lay down selfishness, impatience, frustration, expectations, and finger pointing.  It starts HERE .....with ME...with patience!  It starts by setting my eyes on Him.....God, not my husband:) 

 Backtracking a bit to shed greater light on things:  I was driving Marc's truck one day (alone) praying for God to show me what I needed to see, open my ears to hear what I needed to hear....this has been my hearts cry lately as I want nothing more than His perfect will for me.  I immediately turned on the radio...which is a miracle since commercials are such a turn off I NEVER turn it on when I'm alone....NEVER!  Anyway, I came in on the 2nd verse to this song..... "Learning to be the Light" and wept all the way to the end.   If I'm gonna be "the light" I MUST love. 

There's a line in this song "God I just wanna love on everyone.  All I have is yours to give, so let the people come."  Well there ya have it.....my life song right there.  ALL I have is His so let the people come...to hear about you....to find LOVE.  Wow!  

I don't even know what to say right now other than this walk.....this adventure we're on is such a thrill!  To be opened, heart softened, to hear from our Creator, God Almighty.  To be loved by Him no matter who you are or what you did last night, last week or last year.  To be forgiven by a God who's so much greater than you can ever imagine......WOW!  That's all I can say.  

 I look forward to continuing this adventure tomorrow.....starting with LOVE in my heart and LOVE in my home.  I will love even when I don't feel like it.....and if I miss it or fail, I'll get up, ask forgiveness & walk forward....in LOVE! 

Man I LOVE YOU.....yes you out there in cyberland....you reading this random collection of words spit out on a page by a non-writer type who's learning to be the light:)

Hugs n happy home staging results.....


1 comment:

  1. Trish - Thanks for sharing and pouring your heart out! This is great - all things I know I need to do more regularly in my home!

    -Haley Miller


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