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Friday, April 13, 2012

Camping stokes Memories

his last visit to our house....with Tiernan and this truck he's had since I was born
In the midst of staging my house, my sis and I are coordinating a camping adventure on Marc’s parents land for next weekend.  To include a bonfire, smore’s, canoeing, fishing, frolicking in the water with the kiddos....and oh yeah, a waterside ceremony to spread my Dad’s ashes.  I realize I haven’t shared anything lately... partly because I had to get myself together & stop crying for a bit and partly because the indescribable love of God has enveloped me... helping me get through this. 

Grieving the loss of your father is one thing but when you lose someone you love to suicide
a whole different set of yucky emotions surface. 

I’m tough, I am!  I trust in God, I do!  Yet sometimes I’m caught off guard by a memory, a picture, a note, and oh yeah, his tool belt around my hips that I’m overcome with tears.  Today was one of those days. 

My dad was far from perfect....but I sure loved him.

You know I’m not the type to dwell, just sharing real life with you.  On a lighter side and through a couple tearful outbursts, I still managed to:
·         Paint the front porch
·         finish trim work on back porch
·         pick up the whole housedidn’t make it to the floors  yet again!
·         Stage the living room & play room
·         Clean & organize the garageagain!!!  Marc & I must have a serious conversation about how much I’d appreciate him staying out of that part of the house or simply picking up after himself:) novel idea

 What I failed to accomplish:
·         Laundry
·         Iron clothes
·         Change the sheets
·         Clean the floors
·         Take a bath (still time for that...yeah for me)
·         Drink enough water...oh yeah, time for that too

ni-night friends


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