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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Staging Update...lots happening

Only about 45 minutes of cutting in the trim on the exterior along with painting the garage door, front door & window trim (all happening tomorrow) then exterior paint is finished.

Break time:  my boys at the park...
there's.always time for my amazing little guys....
NEVER be too busy for the ones you love!!!!
 I spent 2 nights ago in the closet till 3am making sure everything was facing the same way just like I suggested in my video, decluttering shelves, packing up winter clothes, perfecting my shoe positioning, hanging my hats in a more orderly fashion and organizing my husband’s clothes & shoesJ whew....thank God for the white noise coming from Marc’s alarm clock:)

Staging your home can be a full time job...especially on a
tight schedule.  So take a few moment, hours even, to treat yourself to some “me time” relaxation. 

After more than a week of working into the wee hours of the morning making sure every corner of my house is perfect, today I hit a wall (so to speak).  Keeping my eyes open was a chore.  Marc told me to shake it off or snap out of it or something like that.  He said I can’t stay up all night & function during the day. 
The truth is....I can....just not longer than a week at a time apparently.  I used to be able to go 3 weeks on about 3-4 hours a night...then rather than  “hitting the wall” it would run after me, attack me and leave me sprawled out on my couch for a full 24 hours...then back to my normal “sleepless, accomplish a million things in a day” habit.   Wow...how did I get off on that?

Back to my today....after painting the entire Master bedroom top to bottom this morning in less than 2 hours....by the grace of God...we joined some friends for lunch at Central Market, picked up Tiernan from school...this is when “the wall” comes in.  

In an effort to help me “shake it off” Marc took me to Wild Flour Cakery (yeah, they’re open now) for a sweet treat bar of yummy goodness & coffee for my afternoon pick me up.....caffeine always helps.   And it sure did....I then went home and painted the study...top to bottom....again, by the grace of God. 

8pm Tiernan comes to me and says “Daddy made you a bath with bubbles & candles” in his sweet 3 year old voice.

HELLo Peace....welcome to my home:)

Ni-night friends ...1:00 am is fast approaching & I will get to bed early tonight!
Oh and I still plan on including you on this staging process but my camera crew (a.k.a. husband man) maintain a full time job....hehe


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