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Friday, April 27, 2012

Love is Kind :: my BIG lightbulb moment

Day 2: Love is KIND  
Boys were picking flowers for their Mimi:)   say it with me....."ahhhhhhh"

I'm here to discuss Day 2 of this Love Dare Book: Love is Kind.... but since you know my conversations never quite go in the order you'd expect...neither do my blogs....so here you have it....random as all get out!

I can tell you this....
I want to please the God in heaven who made me unique and gifted me with all these talents & funny quirks.  Wait a second....please do not mistaken
my confidence for arrogance.  I know He’s put some special things in me....He has in ALL OF US!!!!   I’ve been embracing who He’s called me to be for quite some time and as I learn who I am IN Christ I become more and more confident ... bold FOR Christ. 

Yes, I’m all about decorating life (as short as it is) to be as beautiful as possible but if we’ll only follow Him He’ll do the decorating for us......woah, now that’s deeper than a bedroom staging project (which I’m in the middle of as we speak:)   
And ya know what else is funny?  He’s been leading me to all these scriptures on humility for several weeks now so my gears started turning....am I prideful?  I ask.  Do I think I’m better than others? 

Nope, it’s not that.  He’s bringing me to a new level of humility in order to take me to the place He needs me to be....to fulfill my calling.  Hello!  I’m so ready for all that He has for me...to be, to do, to have. 
Actually, as I type this He reminds me that I prayed for humility 3 years ago...and to change my character to reflect who He made me to be........uh..... 

Lightbulb moment right here in front of your eyes.  Cool...  He’s answering my prayer!  Uh...You mean I asked for this?????? 
I can assure you anytime you ask God to change your character to be more like Him it’s not a fun process but you’ll always be blessed with the outcome and HE gets all the glory.   Not that I’m there yet, believe me. Actually, I hope the road isn’t as long as it looks from here!

Now back to LOVE.....hello, do I always have to be all over the place?  I’m so much better on film cause then you just “get me”....it all flows.   Don’t worry...more videos are on the way....staging tips & interviews.....woohoo!

Now really....LOVE.....
Love DareBook Day 2: Love is Kind.  Yes, yes we’ve all heard 1 Corinthians 13 at a wedding or two but do we really get what love is?
Today I can’t say I was kind ALL day...but I was WAY better than yesterday and that’s a fact my husband can attest to:)  (oh, but please don’t Honey). 

My act of kindness today:::I moved this funky, yet functional bodice---which I made to creatively house my jewelry & which he quite vocally expressed his distaste for---from the main hallway to my dressing area (so its not the first thing people see when they walk through out house--hence all the staging tips comin' at ya)....ahhh, how sweet of me. (right after I told him there was NO way it was going anywhere in that "go ahead--challenge me on my decorating" kinda attitude I sometimes get) :(
I made the base of the bodice from 2 gear kinda things from a tracker or truck I picked at my Dad's place
I painted over an old Home Depot apron--you can't see that side--with The Grey Pear log
I added some of my favorite vintage brooches & a 1950's hat I just adore
I use the awesome rusted base as a catch all for rings, earrings, my watch, 
an old compass & a tiny gold antique matchbox
 (taken with my aging phone the quality is quite lacking---MUCH better pic to follow when its not 1am)

So be KIND.....show little (or big) acts of kindness to those you love, those you meet and even those you simply pass on the street....

What can you do today to put a smile on someone’s face to decorate their life?  (I wonder if he even noticed:)

tomorrow's dare:  Love is not selfish...hehehe....this has me written all over it...oh help me Lord!!!!  

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