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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bubbles entertain kids while driving

On our journey through Austin we explored some vital topics such as bubbles for use in Child Entertainment Emergencies Relating To Auto.  (Also referred to as CEERTA)
As a bonus I hired Marc as my writer....I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle out of his posts as soon as they grace the screen.  No rush, Honey!

In addition to all this excitement Leslie, my dear friend, and I started
painting the exterior of my house today...black:)  Yes, you read right...black.  With 3 sides normal red brick we could work bold classy strokes into the mix. 

What a blast we had, let me tell you.  If it weren’t the wee hours of the morning I’d have time to edit the videos but now you’ll have to wait....for Staging 101Exterior Paint

some quick tips to enjoying yourself while painting:
  • play fun, happy, my-feet-wanna-dance music
  • drink lots of water
  • keep water & rags handy for messes (we all have 'em)
    • rag tip: use old t-shirts cut into different sizes for clean up
  • wear a cute, fun and functional (must have pockets) apron to save your clothes
    • pockets help to hold cell phone (need that handy), rags, and anything else
  • have ladder handy
  • good posture--you'll understand when you see the video
  • a silly friend always makes any boring project fun

coming soon to

Staging 101:
Exterior (in the works)
Master bedroom
Landscaping (know nothing about this one yet)
Kitchen ideas

And maybe some more...we have a short time to complete this so let’s go already!

Wet paint hugs and big love around your neck till we speak again...

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