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Monday, January 23, 2012

book recommendations & yummy yogurt

The other night at craft night with my girls some conversations spun and someone said to me "you always have a good book to recommend...you should add that to your blog."  So here I am.  Yes, I do have many many friends who are experts in different areas so I let them read TONS of books, then I "half-read" their top picks to pick my own go-to help book for whatever the subject may be.

Do you need healing in your body?  Do you know someone who does? This first book I want to share with you tonight is for YOU darling... "How to Live and NOT Die" by Norvel Hayes.(click the name to order the book).  In my world this is the best book I’ve read on healing. Maybe it just spoke to me in a way that some other books didn’t.  Its super easy to read & you find yourself wanting to do everything he says so YOU can be healed.  I actually feel I need to reread this every year to refresh and renew my mind to the Word & God’s plan for me.  Ya know something...it IS His will that you live healed, blessed, prosperous, generous, joyful...so get the book:)

The next book is on raising children & my Pastor’s wife steered me toward this one.  I haven’t actually finished reading it so I’ll also give you a couple book names I have read as reference.  If you want to raise your kids (any age) God’s way then start here...”Guaranteeing Your Child’s Success  Marc is also reading it with me so we’ll both be on the same page.  That’s another good tip...get & stay on the same page (hopefully in the same book) as your spouse.  It seems obvious but not everyone is.

 The third thing I want to share is frozen yogurt.  If you live in Austin or Kyle you must visit Glenda at Chill Out Yogurt in the Target shopping center.  Not only is she a wonderful lady (and beautiful) she’s also genuinely kind to everyone who walks through the door.  I hope to not visit too often (my cup was far too full and I ate every bite) but each time I have the flavors are always different...fun!

So if you’re not already decorating your life then read some more of my blogs & start today...where you are.  How is your vision board/wall going?  How are your relationships?  What about your kitchen & bathroom counter?  :)

My tip for the day: Start a great book!  Not just a great novel for entertainment but a satisfying, meaningful book addressing an issue in your life you need victory over or greater clarity.  I can help you find the right book if you need, I love doing the research. 

Warning: the books I lean toward usually give you wisdom, understanding, some entertainment and always growth in your life:)  Proceed with determination!

oh, tip #2... enjoy a tasty treat from time to time (maybe not everyday).  You deserve it. 

Peace & joy to y’all


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