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Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy 2012...the year of restoration

I keep hearing its the year of restoration & I receive it for every area of my life. First & least important: beat my husband at scrabble! We play back & forth on our phones & he just used my word, added ONE letter, and got himself 75 crazy points. Gotta bounce back after that one. On a larger scale I expect restoration in just about every area of my life....FINANCIAL is the big one & boy is it BIG!!! Far more than 75 points:)

So what are you believing God to restore in your life? A relationship, health, career? He can do it all! Do you believe? That's all it takes...believing He can do ALL things!

I hope you'll chew on that while you lay at His feet all your cares, fears, thoughts, goals, dreams and more...all of it...at His feet. Now I must go so I can do just what I'm suggesting you do:)

hugs n love


  1. I'm so affirmed by what you've written. I have also been praying about this year and felt that it was going to be a year of jubilee and there would be restoration and healing.

    1. 2012...endless possibilities, joy, bounding restoration & health...so happy to hear!


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