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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make Someone Smile today

Last night, Marc drew me a candlelit bubble bath with music softly permeating the master suite.  What a delight.  So here’s my tip for living decorated today.  Bless someone you love.  Think of their needs or desires and do something extraordinary to put a smile on their face.  Nothing decorates a person’s face more gloriously than their smile.  
So it got me thinking...I have a friend at home now with yuckies.  She can't leave her house since she's contagious so I really want to make her smile.  I asked God what I can do for her and I plan on taking over a little surprise.  She may or may not like it but I'm sure she'll be blessed. 
So do it!  Bless someone today.  Show them the love of God.  Go out of your way to do it....it can be simple or it can be grand...your call....just move your bootie!

By the way...ALL must know how amazing, and I mean rockin' amazing, this cream is that Erin & Chris make is...Skin Repair Lotion.  You can find them on http://www.naturesorigins.org/ or look 'em up on FB.  Bless them and bless that beautiful face of yours NOW....Marc said my skin is "glowing".  big smile:)
Oh, here's the cool pic from the NB Farmer's Market with Erin (on the right) and Reese (on the left)...thanks Reese:)

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