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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

family visit....GIVING of YOU...God will multiply

My Granddad and Uncle Dave from Iowa came to our place today for a visit and what a great time we all had!   I was caught trying to get a good shot of the FOUR generations here (Koko was taking a nap).  Largely less important is that great looking settee we're sitting on.  I encourage you to fill your home with at least one striking piece you love then enjoy using it with THOSE you love:)  Don't treat anything as too precious to be used out of fear of causing damage.  We plan on recovering this one day but I'm in no hurry....enjoy your surroundings.  We snatched this one from a craigslist deal.  and oh what a deal it was:)

Now for my bunny trail God's way.... I'm still stuck on the subject of "giving" so to tie in what I'm about to talk about I'll say that my Grandpa gave of himself for many years....his time, attention, money, guidance, and much more to have & raise a beautiful family God's way.  Each morning, without fail, he would start the day with the Bible, and 2 daily devotionals at the breakfast table with the entire family.  If you stayed the night you were part of that moment & I wouldn't have traded it for the world.  I now carry on that tradition (or at least I'm working on my commitment level) with my family.  What a gift! 

God will multiply your giving....its a spiritual law.  Think about it...if you give nothing even if he multiplies it you still have nothing.

So give....generously.  You've gotta give Him something to work with....watch it grow & expect miracles...NOW:)

Did you read 2 Corinthians 9:6-1 yesterday?  If not check it out man!  Good one to really meditate on & adopt into your life....God is so good.

and faithful. 

Live generously and your life will decorate itself.

Kisses n love in Christ

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