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Friday, January 6, 2012

Decorate your table: dinner time

This was taco dinner at my house tonight.  Do you see these beautiful boys of mine?  Adorable.  Watching the way they eat (or don't eat) is so entertaining. 

I encourage you to decorate your table. 

First, clean up before you start dinner.  Pick up the house, or even better, have your kids clean up the house.  Tonight I was the one who helped the boys clean up while Marc made dinnerJ  Yes, I am blessed!  Thanks Honey!

Next, set your table.  Now this doesn’t have to be complicated.  You don’t have to set 2 forks, a dessert spoon and perfectly folded napkins (although a dinner party is a whole other thing).  For tonight it was white plates, napkins (always kept in their holder in the center of the table)--one day my kids will learn to use those napkins, I tell yaplastic plates for the kiddos and a few serving spoons.

Tacos present a bit of an opportunity as you’ll have several different items that must be built at the table (for maximum fun)which requires several serving dishes.  Decorating your table does not ever consist of the bag of grated cheese from the store or even the container of sour cream.  Serve it up folks.  Get some simple white bowls or fancy ones if you prefer.  Do it up!   

Lastly, and most importantly, decorate your table with those you love.  They're the loveliest decoration you could ever dream up.

Much love to all of you & goodnight. 
Gotta Love Jardine's Salsa...made right here in Buda, TX!  Yummmm

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