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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eat More Pie...and pray for someone...maybe not at the same time:)

After a really long day I nearly went to bed just nowthen remembered I had some things to share with you.  You see, you’re part of the family & I must share with you the little nuggets of the day.  How are you living decorated today?  Have you written down your vision yet?  Takes some time, eh?  Well, as long as you’re being honest with yourself & moving forward no one can give you a hard time, least of all me:)
A few things I want to share about today... but let me rewind to yesterday briefly to tell you about a great lady who lives decorated by doing what God has truly gifted her to do & surrounding herself with things & people she loves.  Julie owns Texas Pie Company in Kyle, TX and if you haven’t been you MUST go.  We went yesterday & I was immediately inspired by the Eat More Pie signI mean HELLO.totally my motto.  Maybe you can add ALL desserts to that tag line then it would be more “me”.  Anyway, she had just made this funky chandelier out of utensils (how fitting) and the unique guitars I guess she made as well. There are loads of write-ups about this place featured one one wall & the other is filled with pictures of her family...inspiring! So check her out & you’ll certainly be back for more.  Say hi to Shana when you go!

Now I jump forward to my “today”.  I received a voicemail that my dearest best friend just lost her Mimi & is in San Antonio.  I loaded the kids in the car as soon as I unloaded the groceries (and played with the lost dog who wouldn’t leave our yard) then headed her way.  My friend is one of the kindest women you will EVER meet with such a heart for God, Jesus & her family.  To see her hurting is nearly unbearable.  After catching up on each other’s lives she asked that I pray for her. We put the kids in front of the TV (no worries, it was wholesome programming) and we headed to the car with Koko. I thank God for answered prayer! 
I was inspired to share for this reason; someone may have asked you (or will ask you) “pray for me” and what better gift than to stop everything you’re doing and pray right then and there?  Time doesn’t always allow but when it doeswhen you MAKE time I promise when you see prayers answered.  there is no greater gift or way to beautify your life by sacrificing for someone you lovesomeone God loves!   She has VICTORY TODAY.by faith she received it!!!
Thanks for letting me share that very close-to-my-heart story from my day’s adventure.  And a road trip is always a great way to shut everything out & touch base with your Creator.  Watch the clouds roll in (or around) as you chug along.
Jumping a bit more ahead: remember that cute dog?  Well while driving to SA I prayed & asked God to have His perfect will with that curly bundle of love.  SO.sure enough when Marc got home he was still herejust as adorable as can be.  I gave him a bath (with Tiernan’s help, of course) and now he’s waiting for me in my bed.  Even as I write this I have tears peaking in my eyes. Do you know how much I miss Paisey Poostill?!  This may be an answer to prayer (even though I promise I did NOT pray for another animal)
Did I steal someone else’s dog, you ask?  NO!  I went door to door in the cold trying to find his home (even though I admit I hoped against it).  I left my card on houses, left flyers near both mail centers.now I pray he will be in the perfect home for him.  Sorry for the length of this one but you’re probably already signed off & I’m all alone hereoh, well.  I LOVE HIM! 
Disclaimer:  I would NEVER want to take someone else’s dog (or make a little kid cry) so I have to do all in my power to find his home but he acts as if he’s been here forever.  Hopefully he’s potty trained:)

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