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Friday, January 13, 2012

Have a Great Life...start here...

Finally!  I woke up!  I mean not right away but that was to be expected.  6:15 I was in the middle of my first snooze...which means the third song on my Binions praise CD ...and Marc brought Koko to me for a feeding (doesn't he know he's supposed to wake up at 7:30?--still working on that one).  So I didn't get up the way I had hoped but after putting Ko back to bed I went into the play room & started my muddled -"I love you"-wakeup talk with God.  

All of a sudden I picked up my journal, reread some notes I had from Pastor John's Sunday service about vision and started writing...it actually came quite fluidly. I could instantly tell the grace of God was on me for my task at hand.   

He showed me some things I need to work on, some habits to change & adopt as well as some goals I'll have this year.    It's not complete but a great start.  

When I asked Marc about his prayer time he said the same thing...he was lead to answer some pressing questions Pastor John posed and he experienced God's grace in doing so.  oooo....cool!    God is so amazing, we were both working on the same thing by the same grace and we're well on our way to creating a solid vision for our lives and family this  year and years to come.

The 4 steps he gave to "A Great Life" are as follows:
1.  Decide what you want
2. Develop the plan
3. Execute the plan
4. Evaluate the progress

So here is my challenge:  take time to praise, pray and wait on God for the vision He has for your life this year.  Sit down with a pen & pad ready to take down all He speaks to you.  

Here are some questions Pastor gave us Sunday that go along with step 2:  (now I'll just throw out there that I missed the first Sunday of this message where he gave all the starting questions for step 1...must get the CD:)

1. What are the sacrifices you need to make? (for example: to get out of debt  you might want to start eating at home more)
2. Who do you need in your inner circle? this could include friends, family, tutors, housekeeper, bookkeeper, contractor... anyone you need to surround you and help you reach your goals
3. Who do you need OUT of your inner circle...who drains you?
4. What do you  need to learn to fulfill your calling?  books to read , conferences to attend, classes to take
5. Do you need to change vocation or career?
6.  Are you mastering what God told you to do?   (example: I need to master photoshop to take my art to a new level)
7. Do you need to get out of debt...save more?  (hello...YES!!! and YES!!!  this is our year for DEBT FREE)
8. What bad habits do you need to stop or good habits? and  what do you need to start?
9. What do you need to spend more time doing?  less time doing?

All good questions.   Get started...

I encourage you to Live Decorated by creating a vision for your life...the one God has for you not just one you makeup in your wild imagination.  Hab. 2:2-3 says write the vision, make it plain.  

Some scriptures to meditate on while you do:  if you don't have a bible check out www.biblegateway.com
Psalm 37:4 (one of my favs)
Mark 11:24
John 16:13
Prov. 29:18

Be blessed!  hugs n love....T

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