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Friday, January 6, 2012

Life Decorated...the new name & focus of my blog folks!

Decorate Your Life:
I have a new revelation a few nights backthat’s why I changed the name & look of this blog.  God tried to tell me, I’m gonna guess, about a month ago “Decorate Your Life” and I didn’t get it.  I guess I kinda had an idea what He was saying since I’m a little compulsive about having everything tidy in my home 24/7.  And with 3, yes THREE, boys to train on “how to clean up after yourself” that is no easy task. 
In addition to the at home training we’re all undergoing, learning to loosen up & choosing my priorities in each moment are my current tasks at hand. 
So tonight as Marc was razing me about my compulsion (if that’s what he must call it) I had a revelation.I LOVE to decorate my lifein its entirety.  I mean it starts with the home, right?  WRONG!  It starts with the heart.  Just like I said last night, or at least I meant to if I didn’tLearn to LOVE!  (read yesterday for more on that)
Decorate Your Heart:  the subject of this evening’s post
Make it beautiful by welcoming Jesus into your heart (which you most likely did last night if you hadn’t alreadyand if not give me a call)

Nothing is impossible with Him on your side.NOTHING!  Stick around if you wanna know what else you can decorate:)


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