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Thursday, January 12, 2012

daily used items on display...Love Out Loud

As I sat tonight to type some great—well, in my opinion greattips for you I just wasn’t feelin it... I was rambling on and on about the cleaning and organizing I did in my kitchen and how you can use beautiful containers to house & display your day to day items...all good stuff, right.  I’ll even include some pics to show what I use for the dishwashing detergent or the homemade hand soap or the trays for the fruit and coffee setup...that’s all well n good but something was off...is off.
This day started a little differently than I like & even though it was a wonderful day, I felt something amiss.  Marc had to bring Koen into bed because even though I could hear him crying my body was acting like dried cement.  After nursing him and getting him back to sleep (cuddled in my arms:) Tiernan comes in for some morning cuddles.  So in my bed was a family cuddlefest at 7am.  Sounds perfect, right!?  Not as perfect as waking up at 6 (I can’t believe I just said that) and spending time with God (yes, getting up at the crack of dawn is amazing when you hear from The Creator).  THEN back to bed for family cuddles.:)   Now that’s what I call a recipe for joy & success. 
My alarm is set & this time I plan on hearing it...and responding with only TWO snooze sessions...then......GET UP!!!  God made some people morning people and then there’s us night owls... what to do?  My advice to you would be discipline your flesh...get up...spend time with God and your day will be greater than you could ever imagine.  It’s time to take my own advice. 
Oh, here are some pics to give you ideas for using containers for housing regular items you use everyday.  First, The coffee station (yes, we have coffee in the morning) a cake plate holds all the goods--a sm green vase full of spoons, my Grandma Barb’s silver sugar dish, mason jar with some baby cereal (not coffee related I realize), a small brass bell, again, not coffee related but I’m a decorator & I must have every inch decorated:) then the butter under the cake plateOKAY it’s no longer called my coffee station, alright!  I guess I just keep stuff I need on hand in front of me but I display them all as a collection which doesn’t give the feel of clutter. 
Then I have my soap holder for my organic hand soap by E’s, a silver sugar dish I use to hold my Cascade dishwashing drops or bags or whatever they’re called, a cigar box in the background which houses anything extra I don’t need out and visible (its currently empty:).  I would look at thrift stores and garage sales for cool containers you like to hold your daily bits n bobs.

Have a great night & remember, wake up early with your Maker...there is much to be thankful for ... so start there!
Oooalmost forgot the kitchen tablefruit, napkins (Grandma Barb’s napkin holder just spray painted a cool fun color), and a daily devotional we read as a family at dinnerLOVE IT!  By Joyce Meyer...Love Out Loud...get it!

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