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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Garage Sale Miracle ...I met a local artist

Hey Y'all....

Good news...Marc & I had a ton of fun at a couple garage sales this morning & met this amazing lady named Dawn who sold me a scarf, hat & mittens she made herself...my local artist connection.  LOVE 'em! 
She also had a pair of seats from the old Mueller Airport in so-so condition.  Right when we walked up I fell in love with them...traveling runs in my veins & I've sat & slept in far too many airport seats to remember...some more comfortable than others.  These are quite wonderful and once I'm finished with them they'll have new life.  

I was so intrigued by this lady & her spunk I asked (of course) if I could have a picture with her on the airport chairs while wearing my scarf & mittens.....she graciously agreed & sported another scarf she made....Koen wore the hat without too much protest. 

Bad news--I was just uploading the picture & clicked the WROOOOONNG button....lost not only that one but ALL pictures I've taken the past 2 days...the whole file:(  technology brings regret & frustration in this moment.....I'll recover:) 

So I'm attaching a picture of me on the bench (still in the back of Marc's car) with the hat, scarf & mittens to make up for it.  Maybe I'll see her again one day.

Live decorated with things that inspire you and stories you create along the way.  I now have a piece of Austin history...the traveling kind.  

Love n hugs...Trish

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