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Thursday, January 19, 2012

real life happened today....the hurt will fade, I'm sure

A couple months ago I saw a cat taking a rest in our garden (if you can call it that).  The next day the cat was in the same place facing the same wayuhoh!!  Not a cat nap at all.  After leaving notes on a couple of the neighbors’ homes the sweet lady next door came over and yes, it was him:(  I was so sad for her loss & even though we’ve spoken only a few words to each other I held her in my arms as she wept for her beloved friend. 
Today brought back that memory as I pulled up from a 5 minute trip to the store & saw my husband standing in the driveway with tears streaming down his face.   Oh no!  I didn’t want to believe it at firstI told him “don’t you believe in miraclesgo lay your hands on her and praybelieve!!!”  (I still couldn’t bring myself to walk around the other side of the truck to look at my sweet, loving Paisey Poo. 
Tragic, I tell you!  Marc was outside with Tiernan when it happened & the driver of the car didn't even stop:(
I haven’t lost a pet since I was a little girl and I don’t ever remember it hurting this bad.
Every night for the past 2 years I settle into bed, nestle into my “sleep position” and waitwait to hear the sound of her little bell hop onto the bed and feel her tiny paws make their way from my feet to my side (or on top of my belly) as she would easily find her sleep position.I thank the Lord that tonight when my head hits the pillow I have my Comforter, Creator and His Holy Spirit wrapping their loving arms around me as I no longer wait to hear that tiny bell..thank you for your prayers & love.


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