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Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Braunfels Farmer's Market

Live Decorated by meeting new friendslet your light shine folks!

What a day!  In more ways than one and in more ways than I care to share.  What I would like to expound on is our random divine appointments at the New Braunfels Farmer's Market on our way to the Children's Museum.  We thought we'd stop for a little exploration of this new market --it was the kettlecorn sign that drew me in.   After first putting my family through a photo minute with the welcome sign ...boy does Marc love those:)
...we hit the kettlecorn guy right out front...yumm.  

Then the adorable "bee lady", Courtney from Round Rock Honey (check her out at http://www.roundrockhoney.com/), sold us some local honey with lots of cedar she says. The taste is delightful & I'll be coming back for more that's for sure.   

 I'm adding the faces & names of those individuals who touched our lives today to give their hard work and products some free advertising.  It should work, right.  We should all share the ins and outs of products we try or people who impact our lives.  Or at least I'm gonna share with you....all those who care to expand their world:)

After I finally settled into our daily adventure I met this warm n cuddly lady who joyfully calls herself "Mom Tart".   While I'm trying to insert photos of my adventure I see that hers didn't turn out.  My phone started throwing a fit right from the start, demanding a charge like an infant needs ninny.  Back to this cool lady with personality brimming over the muffin tins.  She's the mother of the 2 ladies who own the bakery 2Tarts right down the road from the market.   Though our picture didn't stick it out through the phone tantrum you can check April & Ashley out at http://www.2tarts.com/

The journey continued with Erin and her husband, Chris who make all these organic hemp creams, body butters and scrubs.  Oh boy...here we go folks!  For the past few months I had been on the lookout for Climb On! which is an all-natural cream I planned to use at night for my face but haven't seen it in a while.  Enter Erin with all her charm & knowledge of natural creams.  I tried it after washing my face tonight & my face hasn't felt this good since I was stuck on Arbonne a few years ago. visit their newly under construction site at http://www.naturesorigins.org/   While looking for her card among her display I met one of her revisiting clients, Reese.  What a lovely gal!  My phone camera was still having an episode while I wanted to take advantage of this photo opp.  so she graciously stepped in with her phone.  I wait patiently for Reese to send me that money shot!  I just must share these experiences with my readers...both of them:)

The next person I met was Amber, a mom of 2, who wanted to know more about our Beco baby carrier, which my husband looked so handsome wearing today!  I shoulda taken a good shot there.  Well, I hope Amber looks me up on FB cause I can lead her to Lillian, who made my Beco out of Cali.  Sending some business her way because this carrier is the absolute best...yes, better than its look alike which will remain un-named:)

Who was next?  I guess I could look at Marc's camera because after Reese's phone created such an art piece Marc had to take over the task of documentation.  Michael was next with his crab cakes (which Marc cooked for dinner....scrumptious)   What a ham!

Then Scott and his daughter (oops, Marc cut off half her head) with some Beef Sticks Marc and Tiernan sampled and bought for the ride home.  I wasn't even about to cut that open in the car not knowing what kind of juices come from that beefy pouch.  Not a meat lover on my end but they get Marc's taste bud approval.

Next: brussel sprouts with Phil....  
Pause.....Something happened to me while we were getting set for our photo opportunity with this new friend.  Tiernan didn't feel comfortable standing next to him so I realized formal introductions may help.   Can you believe it?  all these new faces & I did not have ONE normal encounter where I introduced myself properly & asked someone's name.  Ok, thanks Lord for this chance to give a little lesson.  Phil totally played along too:)  Thanks man!   Now Tiernan knows how to meet someone new.   Surprising with all the socializing I do these days, getting back to my "social butterfly self" he is just now learning.  I will give him major points for nearly always saying "hi" to passersby at any given opportunity.  That's a step toward friendly, huh?

Today...beautiful experience with my family.  If you get a chance to visit the New Braunfels Farmers Market say hello to some of my new friends & be sure to support their "stores" by spending some money.  

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