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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

make a vision board or wall...catch some ideas here

So have you heard about the Harvard study done years back about goals?  Roughly from my memory I'll share what I can: they polled an entire class & only 3% wrote down their goals n plans.  Years later they polled that same class & the 3% that wrote down their vision and goals made double ALL the other classmates combined. WOAH!!!  Doesn't that make you wanna start writing down your goals, visions, dreams and plans?  Well, it worked for me.

Check out my first episode of "Live Decorated"   many many more to come folks...hope you enjoy, sorry I ramble a bit, hopefully I'll get better about completing a thought articulately:)

one of the things I forgot to share was some ways you can start your board...I bought that frame in the back for $1 at a garage sale then added cork board to the inside...use push pins to attach pictures that inspire you or reflect your vision for 2012.

Its a really big year and I want you to see all that God has for you come to FULL fruition this year....be bold.  Seek Him & see what He wants for you to do....if it sounds too big for you to imagine doing or having then I'm willing it bet its GOD!!!

Be blessed & DO IT!!!! 
love Trish

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